rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Nap Aftermath

Oh, I slept through another evening. That's what I get for drinking decaf. Now Portia wants to sit on my lap, right after using the litter box, and I don't think she cleaned her butt. She smells like she didn't clean it, anyway.

Okay, I put her back on the floor, but now she has hopped up onto the couch and is sitting on the arm of it. Time to get out the upholstery cleaner. Somebody remind me again why I want a cat in my house.

The clouds have gathered, but it isn't raining yet. In fact the chance of rain today and Thursday has dropped from 30% to 20%. The chance Friday has gone up to 50%, though, so maybe we'll still get lucky before the year ends. Even at that it probably won't be very much rain, and it's not going to get cold enough for snow. In fact winter so far is hardly worth complaining about... but I won't let that stop me.

I think it's time for a bottle of Guinness. I have to save one for Saturday night, to drink in the new year with, but there are still three in the refrigerator. There are still a few bottles of brown ale, too, but that's the last of it until next autumn. I don't like any of Sierra Nevada's special winter beers, but it's only a few months until the Summerfest comes out again. I'm looking forward to it already.

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