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Changes [Dec. 26th, 2011|05:56 pm]
The moon is grinning at me again, and hanging over an orange vapor trail that scars the cerulean sky half an hour after sunset. Night is about to swallow the bare oak branches and the pines, and the last chuckles of the woodpeckers have faded. The year has just about had it, and is about to wrap itself in a shroud of clouds. The sunny days are over for now, and there could be rain by tomorrow night. The clouds might make the nights a bit warmer, which I'd consider a fair trade-off even if the rain itself were unwelcome, but the rain (should it come) will be welcome indeed. I've seldom seen the lawn so close to turning brown in December.

It doesn't look as though this storm will bring any significant addition to the paltry snow pack in the mountains, though. It has a lot of catching up to do if we're not to be short of water next summer. I'm hoping for a very wet January and February, and enough rain in the spring that I can put off watering the yard at least until May, but I've got a feeling that the drought might be back. If drought returns, it might bring heat with it. The last couple of summers have spoiled me with their mildness, and I'd like to go on being spoiled.