rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The first day of winter was exactly like the last day of fall. That's hardly surprising, but still a bit disappointing. I was hoping that we would get three feet of snow today (Thursday,) and tomorrow it would all melt and spring would arrive three months early. Winter wouldn't be half bad if it only lasted one day. It's the way it just drags on that's so annoying. But at least the days will now be getting longer, if no warmer.

I fell asleep very early this morning, before I got out to feed the feral cats, then woke up just after noon, so that's when they finally got to eat. They were not pleased at the delay, I'm sure, but they didn't threaten to move out. In fact they were delighted to see me, and greeted me with loud meowing. They might have been trying to make me feel guilty, but that would be a difficult thing for such fat kitties to do. It was winter's fault, anyway, not mine. I was suffocated to sleep by the large pile of blankets I'd heaped on myself while watching the television show I never saw the end of. Stupid winter.

Having been awake since noon, I promptly fell asleep again right after dinner, and didn't wake up until almost midnight, which is why this entry is late. Now there are dishes waiting to be washed, and I'll probably be unable to get back to sleep at all tonight. Well, the cats will be happy to have me awake at their proper feeding time, and I'll get to see another winter sunrise. Assuming I don't freeze to death, of course.

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