rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I scared off the first deer of spring tonight. I opened my front door too fast, so that the light flooded out quickly and there was too much noise, and I heard the startled deer run down the street. They must have been right at the edge of my front yard. My eyes were not yet adjusted to the darkness, and the moon being in the west lighted me for them but not them for me, so I didn't see how many were there, but it sounded as though there might have been at least three. I'd like to have some night vision goggles, so I could check out the yard before I go outside. It would be easier not to startle them if I knew where they were. Poor deer. I hope that this bad experience doesn't put them off coming to this stret again. Maybe I could plant something they like to eat in the front yard. Something besides the rose bushes, I mean. I wonder if they would like celery? Fennel, perhaps? Hmm, what would be a good deer snack? Hey, I know! A big block of salt! Deer would probably enjoy a salt lick as much as horses do. I think I'll call a feed store and see how much one would cost.

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