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This is depressing weather. It's neither clear nor cloudy nor gray, just cold and hazy. More rain would be nice, but it's just as well there hasn't been any. The mulberry leaves will much easier to rake up if they can dry out and wither first, and dried leaves take up much less space in the bins. They will also make a nice crackling sound when stepped on. About half of them are on the ground now, and every few seconds the tree drops one or two more. They are about the only thing to watch today, except for the wreaths of smoke curling up from chimneys. The birds have made themselves scarce. I guess they don't like to get out in the cold any more than I do.

Portia doesn't like getting out in the cold either, though she doesn't mind being in the cold garage. She's taken to sleeping in the rafters all day most days. I invite her into the house when I'm ready to go to sleep, but most time she refuses to come down from her perch. When she does come indoors, she now goes into the bathroom and naps on top of the toilet tank. I don't know why she does that when there are two perfectly good comfy chairs in the living room, not to mention the much warmer top of the refrigerator if she insists on being elevated. At least she isn't sleeping on top of the television anymore and hanging her tail down across the screen. That was annoying.

For the last couple of nights Farah has been joining the three kittens (now almost as big as she is) on the chair on the back porch. That chair is barely large enough for the three kittens, but all four of them have somehow managed to squeeze onto it— or, more accurately, heap themselves onto it. I haven't seen the big black cat from across the street for two days, though. Maybe they are letting him spend the cold nights indoors. Or maybe they now have money for cat food, this being the beginning of the month, and he no longer finds it necessary to cadge meals here.

Over the last several minutes, the haze has differentiated itself into a few clouds which are now catching the last light of the sun from beyond the horizon. There's a deep orange light beyond the pine trees, and a few mauve and purple clouds above them. I'm going to bundle up and go outside to watch it fade.

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