rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hello, Fuzzy Moon

There is just enough of an overcast this evening to make the three-quarter moon blur, as though it had been photographed for one of those glamour magazines that use vaseline on the camera lens to hide the flaws of models considerably younger than Luna.

This afternoon, as I sat in the yard, I was distracted by the sound of a small airplane. Its droning engine put me in the mind of World War I movies with dogfighting biplanes. It looked quite graceful against the grey slate of sky. Suddenly, a pair of mating jays flew into view. They alighted on the telephone wire leading to my house, then dived into the bushes, their fluttering wings smacking against the leaves. Then they darted out and up into the tree above me. One of them chirped loudly, then they stopped and listened to a chirp from another jay nearby. One of the birds flew off in the direction of the chirp, and the other swiftly followed. After that, the plane didn't seem so graceful.

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