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Lately [Nov. 29th, 2011|06:05 pm]
The woodpeckers were busy this afternoon. I heard them squawking and pecking every time I went outside until it was almost night. When the woodpeckers rush to store food, really cold weather usually follows within a week or two. I'm not sure what they're storing, as the acorn crop has not been very big this year. Maybe there were trees with bigger crops somewhere nearby. All I know is that the trees that drop the acorns I usually hear falling on my own and neighboring rooftops made very little noise this year, and I've seen only a couple of acorns in my back yard. There haven't been very many squirrels hanging around either. In autumns with big acorn crops I see lots of squirrels.

I'm hoping that the really cold weather holds off for at least a couple more weeks. A small utility bill in December would be a big help. I'm still about two hundred dollars short for making the second part of the property taxes at the end of December, and a big gas bill would force me to cut back on something else. I'd rather not spend the last couple of weeks of the year eating nothing but pasta and beans and potatoes, and not having any beer, but that's the only part of the budget I could shave quickly. The woodpeckers are lucky that I haven't gotten to the point where I have to steal their handful of acorns.

My disrupted sleeping schedule has had me awake in the early mornings of late, so I've been seeing the sunrises, and I have to say they have been much nicer than the recent sunsets. The evening sky has been cloudless for the last couple of days, so the light has nothing to color, but there have been clouds over the mountains every morning so that dawn brings some vivid reds and oranges to the east. It's almost worth staying up for. Almost. Given a choice, I'd prefer to get to sleep sooner. I can always look at pictures of sunrises.