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Lack of transport forced me to put off my weekly shopping until today. No wonder people who have to go out on Mondays all the time hate the day. There was traffic, and the stores were zoos. Plus they had sold out of my favorite beer, so I am displeased. There's only one bottle left in the house, and I'll have to fetch more tomorrow. But I do now have fresh celery, and the old celery which had gotten a bit limp will end up in soup.

The day came close to being warm. Had I not had to go shopping, I'd have taken advantage of the mildness to get some of the leaves raked up. The back lawn is now completely buried, and would have benefited from full exposure to the pleasant afternoon sunlight. It's expected to be sunny all week, though somewhat cooler, so maybe I'll get some raking done tomorrow and liberate the grass.

The walnut tree is shedding so fast that I expect it to be utterly denuded by the end of the week. That would be advantages for watching the Geminid meteor shower, which peaks on December 13-14, but unfortunately the moon will be just past full that night and will wash out the sky— assuming that typical December weather has not brought a complete overcast by then. I totally missed the Leonid shower two weeks ago, thanks to the heavy clouds.

So far I haven't heard any flocks of birds flying south this month. The waterfowl have usually begun passing over by this time. I haven't checked, but I suspect that November is being unseasonably warm in Canada again this year. I hope it chills soon, not only so I can see the birds flying over, but because out unseasonable autumn chill is directly related to unseasonable warmth farther north. Come on, geese! Bring me some more mild autumn days!

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