rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Too Cold

Got an email ad from a regional discount grocery store I occasionally patronize. They offer a bargain price of $7.99 for something they call "Nancy's Spiral O'derves." Ah, O'derves! One of the great triumphs of Irish cuisine! I like the ones flavored with Guinness— but not as much as I like Guinness in a glass. I hope I can get to the store this weekend so I can buy some. Guinness, I mean, not O'derves. My budget will not allow for such extravagances as O'derves, spiraled or not. Stout, of course, is not an extravagance, but a winter necessity.

The reason I might not get to the store is because of the possibility of snow. It could be falling as low as 2000 feet starting tomorrow night, which means it could land on my street. Even if we don't get snow this weekend, we still might get it when a bigger storm arrives next Thursday. And here it is, still more than a month before the winter solstice arrives. I hate when Alaska sends its icy farts this way.

Portia has been acting oddly for the last couple of days. She's taken to perching on top of the highest pieces of furniture in the house, and staying there for hours. She won't even come down for lap time. She meows at me every time I pass by whatever perch she has chosen, but she won't be coaxed down. When she does descend, it's usually to use the litter box, or get a brief snack or take a drink. Most annoying is when she hops on top of the television set, which is pretty high as it's stuck on top of another fairly tall television set, and hangs her tail down over the screen. She slept there most of the day today. Now she's atop a bookcase. I wish she'd go back to sleeping in a chair.

I'm currently wearing a hoodie and a sweater, indoors. Too cold.

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