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The last surviving maple trees on the block have developed some nice reds and yellows, and the dogwoods have reached their deep red stage. A few other small trees, including my peach tree, have some color on them, too. This is probably as autumnal as the street is going to get this year. By the time my fruitless mulberry turns yellow, the other trees will have shed most or all of their leaves, and there will be nothing to see on the skyline but bare branches and conifers, and swirls of smoke rising from chimneys.

It looks like there'll be no more mild days this year. It's going to be another cold winter, and there could be snow as soon as Saturday. For a couple of decades we never got snow in November, but maybe it's going to be the new normal for a while. Snow is especially annoying when the trees still have leaves on them. They fall into soggy heaps that take days to dry out so they can be stuck into the wheelie bins without making the bins so heavy that they are hard to move.

If early snow sogs the leaves up this year, I might go back to composting them, even though that's way more work than just stuffing them into the bins to be hauled off and burned at the biomass energy plant. Plus I need that electricity. No Internets without electricity.

Speaking of electricity, it's time to get another lasagna out of the freezer before any power outages can destroy it. I think I'll put the thermostat back up to 66 degrees, too. It was at 64 all day, but that's a little bit too chilly for dinnertime.

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