rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Wind has arrived and is blowing more leaves about. There is really cold weather on the way, certainly bringing rain, and possibly snow. Winter is getting a head start again this year. I'll have to start using up the frozen foods, in case there is a power outage. Early snows are usually wet and weighty, and there are still leaves on the trees to catch it, so branches are quite likely to fall, taking power cables with them.

The house painting should be finished tomorrow, just in time— well, just in time not to be interrupted by the rain, but too late for cleaning out the rain gutters which have filled with leaves and pine needles. You can't be dropping gutter dust next to a freshly painted house. It needs to dry for about 72 hours before it loses its tackiness. If I clean the gutters now, the fresh paint will get smudged, and if I don't clean the gutters now they will probably clog up and overflow if the rain gets heavy. I'll take a chance on the rain not getting heavy enough to cause significant overflowing.

The feral kittens are about to get their first taste of really cold weather since they were tiny. They probably don't remember the cold and rain of their first few weeks, and they probably won't like this experience. I'm not expecting to like it myself, and I've got a furnace, however expensive it may be to run it. Nocturnal temperatures will drop below freezing late this week. I'll see if I can find something soft to put in the cupboards on the back porch. At least the kittens will be able to pile up in a place that's somewhat protected from wind.

Time for lasagna. There are five frozen ones to use up. Ice cream for desert. There are probably about two gallons of that altogether. The fish sticks can wait.

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