rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Clatter and Quiet

The woodpeckers were all work and no play this afternoon. I could hear them banging on the trees, but there was no chatter among them. They must be anticipating the cold weather to come, and are consequently busy storing as much food as they can. Quite a few acorns are falling from the oaks now, though so far it doesn't sound like a bumper crop. I keep waiting for another one of those autumns when the acorns fall by the thousands, and fill the nights with drumming on the rooftops.

Another black widow spider has taken up residence in my garage, hiding herself in the top shelf of an old bookcase I use for storing odd items. It's a well-protected spot for a spider, and as I can't swat at her when she scurries into its deep corners, and I don't want to use fire or bug spray on her, she has so far escaped my attempts to work her destruction. My best hope is that one of the daddy long legs spiders I've allowed to keep their webs nearby will catch and devour her.

It was a day free of painters, so I was able to catch up on sleep, which I might have overdone. I didn't wake up until after two o'clock this afternoon. Arising so late, I missed the opportunity to have the windows open by noon and catch a couple of extra hours of warm air before evening brought its inevitable chill. I hope I can wake up earlier tomorrow, which will also be painter-less, and will also be mild. The painting had best be done before Thursday, though, as rain is likely to arrive that day. The woodpeckers told me.

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