rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The house painting is still disrupting my sleep schedule, and I'm getting a bit dopier each day it continues. Portia is displeased, too. She never knows when or if she's going to get to go outside. She doesn't like strangers with noisy machinery invading her territory, and remains indoors if she sees them. Her pent-up energy has led to occasional romping, with detrimental results to various stacks of papers and small objects, as well as periodic outbursts of energetic clawing of upholstery.

After the painters leave, she goes out and stays away for hours. If I happen to fall asleep while she's out, she goes into the rafters of the garage, and when I finally wake up and let her in, she usually expresses her disapproval by swatting at me as she passes. She'll probably be as glad as I'll be once this project is done.

Now there's stuff to be done that didn't get done when I fell asleep on the couch. The dishes are still in the sink, and there are clothes in the dryer. At least I got around to feeding the feral cats before passing out.

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