rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The left earpiece of my headphones just snapped off. Cheap plastic. Well, not that cheap. $50. Less than a year old. I tried to superglue them back together, but it wouldn't hold. What on earth could they be made of? I looked at them carefully, and found that nowhere on them is there a country of manufacture. I guess no country was willing to claim them. They must have known that they were to be sold at Radio Shack. Yes, I said Radio Shack. I know, but there aren't many places to buy such things in a town this small. Radio Shack headphones used to be made by Koss, and were fairly decent. If Koss is still making them, they need to rethink their design. Now I have to replace them, since I have no speakers and can only listen to music on headphones. Rats!

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