rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Edge of Wetness

It's getting a bit misty, but no rain yet. There's actually a National Weather Service severe weather advisory in effect here. We could get up to two inches of rain, and wind gusts up to forty miles an hour. The feral kitties aren't going to like this. It's going to be a serious test of the recent roof repairs, too. At least it isn't supposed to snow below 6000 feet, so we're missing the worst of the cold.

My main problem will be that tomorrow is trash day, and I also have an appointment scheduled with my chiropractor, so I'll have to bring in the wheelie bins (three of them!) in the rain, and then go out again in the afternoon to get my head yanked about. I'll also have to stop at the supermarket on the way home to get a couple of things they were out of on Sunday. Multiple chances to get wet! How I would have loved this when I was nineteen! Now it's just a huge arse pain.

It will be warm again by Friday, though, and by then there might even be a bit of green on the front lawn. A greenish lawn will be totally worth a couple of wet days.

Now, tea and cookies!

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