rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Don't Let the Door etc., Summer

I had an avocado sliced in half and sitting on the kitchen counter as I prepared the rest of my dinner. I looked around and saw Portia licking it. I scraped off the top of the half she'd been licking and put it on a plate for her, and she licked up more of it, and though she didn't finish it I could tell that she definitely enjoyed the portion she ate. So, I have an avocado-eating cat. She won't be getting it very often, though. Avocados are usually pretty expensive anymore, even in California.

Today was the last official day of summer, but Friday and Saturday will still be hot. Summer will take a day off on Sunday, but will be back the next day. It's my fear that summer will turn out to be the man who came to dinner. In my nightmares, we don't get rid of summer until December, and then two feet of snow fall in one day. An autumn that isn't would be terrible. I want cooler days and crisp nights, and I want them by October.

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