rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

A Head Full of Insane that are Driving Me Ideas

It's like every day is divided into two short days. I go to sleep late every morning, sleep for about four or five hours, then wake up in early afternoon. Then I go to sleep in the early evening, sleep for about three or four hours, and wake up an hour or so before midnight. Waking up twice a day means that I get to go through that period of dopiness that follows sleep twice every day. That's another hour or two taken off the period when anything makes sense to me. Right now nothing is making sense.

Should I eat breakfast again, or should I wash the dinner dishes? I certainly shouldn't be trying to write anything, because whatever I write would be likely to turn into a muddle.

Oh, too late? Figures.

Maybe I'll just go stick my head under the shower.

Plus I totally missed Talk Like Robert Newton Day this year. Slept through it, I think.

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