rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Typical Thoughts Following an Unintentional Nap

The new back fence didn't get put in yesterday after all. Any deer happening by have had another night to munch plants in my back yard. I've seen no deer there, nor any evidence of them, but I like to imagine them browsing on whatever plants might appeal to them. Most likely they would eat the roses. The feral cats would be surprised to see deer in their yard, I'm sure, and astonished to see them eating roses.

Had deer visited tonight, the cats would have had a good view of them. The moon is almost full. It's far to the west now, and most of the back yard is shaded by the house or by the tall pines across the street. If deer arrive now, they will be shadows moving among still shadows. If deer arrive tomorrow night, they might find their access barred by the new fence. But if the fence is put off another day, they will have an entire weekend of opportunity.

Surely the fence will be finished by autumn, when the acorns will be falling. Deer eat acorns as well as roses, but the acorns that fall in my back yard will be safe from deer. Only the squirrels and birds will eat them, unless the squirrels hide them somewhere outside the yard where deer can find them, or woodpeckers drop an acorn or two and fail to retrieve them. Then the deer might get a share.

I could eat acorns myself, if I knew how to grind them and beat them and soak the tannin out of them, and if I had the patience to do all those things. It's much easier to get food at the supermarkets, though. For that the deer and squirrels can be thankful, as it not only spares them competition from humans, but saves them from filling the bellies of humans themselves. Squirrels benefit from our fences, and both squirrels and deer benefit from supermarkets. I wonder what the woodpeckers can be thankful for?

I'd be thankful if I could get my old spleeping pattern back, so I wouldn't end up writing stuff like this in the late hours of a wasted night.

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