rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This afternoon I got my head chiropractically yanked. My neck has been achy for the last couple of days, so the timing was good for an adjustment, though the timing of the trip through town was not. Once school starts, the afternoon traffic gets thick, and it was very hot, and then the chiropractor's office was air conditioned and chilly, so I ended up clammy. Being clammy is one of my least favorite things. Only chowder should be clammy.

Something else that got yanked today was the remaining sections of the back fence. A guy came and took it out, and is to return tomorrow to begin building a replacement fence. The feral cats will be so surprised. They are accustomed to being able to walk right out of the yard at the back, and now they'll have to scale a five-foot fence.

Unfortunately my trumpet vine was a casualty of the demolition. It was climbing over one of the surviving sections of the old fence, and the guy had to chop it down to a stump to make room for building the new fence. I hope it grows back. It was one of my favorite plants.

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