rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Directory Back

The first thing I did with the directory was to click on that link for my location. There turns out to be an even dozen of us here who will admit to living in Paradise. Two are new journals, never updated. Six have not been updated for various periods ranging from 23 weeks to 54 weeks. The three that are more or less active nevertheless have large gaps in them. Most of the users are very young, only one other than me is a guy, and he hasn't updated in 19 weeks. I have very little in common with any of them. I am not a bit surprised. In the town of Paradise, I am unique. I'm not bragging- (well, yes, I am) but it is something I have known since I came here. Either I am the perfect misfit in this place, or everybody else is. That this should also be true with regard to other LJ users here is to be expected.

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