rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Well, August decided not to take its heat with it. The crickets are certainly happy about that. I hear them singing. I'm not especially happy about it, but then I'm pretty sure crickets don't sweat, and I do. There was a heavy haze today, and it's behaving like cloud cover and holding the heat in. It's likely to be hours before the night air gets chilly enough to let the house cool off.

Portia is insisting on staying outdoors. I'd like to emulate her, but every time I go out I get bitten by mosquitoes. We ought to be well past the peak mosquito season by now, but apparently somebody nearby has some standing water where the bugs can breed. Whoever it is, I hope bats colonize their attic.

At least the markets are having the lowest price of the season on beer this weekend, so I can drink up the rest of the last 30-pack I bought in mid August and not worry about running out. If I have to be sweaty and itchy, at least I can also be a bit drunk. Maybe it will put me to sleep, and I can dream of cool autumn breezes.

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