rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It's a good thing I have an appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow, because I just took an unintentional nap and slept wrong on my neck. I was going to go out and watch the sky for a while, just in case any early Perseid meteors show up, but now my neck doesn't want to bend my head back far enough to see the sky. It also doesn't want to hold my head in one spot for any length of time while I look at the computer monitor.

More troubling is the possibility that my neck will not want to tilt my head back far enough to finish a can of beer. I hate leaving any beer behind, and beer is not one of the beverages that can be sipped through a straw. It would be a terrible thing if all I had to drink until after tomorrows head yanking was juice or water. I suppose I could make some iced decaf. This is one of those times when I wish that I had something with which to spike commonplace beverages. Alas that I have not bought any proper booze since 1989. I nice muscle relaxant would be so useful now.

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