rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Invisible

Just after sunset, I heard the birds that might be swans flying over, but, even though the sky was still bright, I still didn't see them. Stupid invisible birds. They must have vanished behind the trees before I looked up. I did see a lot of crows today. One, just before dawn, flew south over the orchard faster than I thought crows could fly. He was gone in a few seconds. The afternoon was warm, and puffy white clouds drifted northeast, outriders of an approaching storm. The last few days of cold weather have had a bad effect on the new oak leaves. At this stage of their growth, they are usually a pale green, but this year they have turned a rusty brown. The oaks are going to look strange this summer, and provide little shade, if the leaves don't recover. Many of the blossoms on the peach tree and the cherry tree are brown and withered too. Spring begins tomorrow, but I wonder what kind of spring it will be with all this strangeness?

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