rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Irritation, Luxury, and Balm

LJ went away again just as I was getting ready to write a post, and then I got busy with something else and didn't notice when it came back. I did, however, find this handy web page, called downrightnow, which tracks LJ's literal ups and downs. It's much more informative than LJ Status, which often doesn't get updated until a failure has been going on for several hours. downrightnow has a "report an issue" feature, which keeps it up-to-date, and there's a graph showing LJ's status for the previous 24 hours.

I got a new kitchen faucet installed today yesterday. The old one had been dripping for months. The new one is goose-necked, single-handled, and has one of those pull-out thingies with a toggle for switching between stream and spray. Not the one that has the LED spotlight inside it, which they are selling to yuppies, but I don't really need extra light on something I'm just rinsing anyway. And I still get a lifetime guarantee on it, and it doesn't drip!

Also happy news, Friday was the last day of temperatures over 90 degrees, for now, so I can look forward to luxuriating in mere 80s for a while. My pleasure is somewhat diminished by the fact that I have not yet seen any early meteors from the Perseid shower. Nice weather would be enhanced by bits of detritus flaming across the sky. I guess I'll have to content myself with the sight of the stock market flaming out.

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