rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Due For a Party

As Frank munches his birthday cake, I'm pondering how I've managed to stay on line with Sluggo as my go-between. It is indeed a wonder that any computer manages to remain usable. That Sluggo has remained usable, however marginally, is downright astonishing! As real as is my loathing for Sluggo, I am glad that he continues to function, and the main reason for that gladness is LiveJournal. I have spent more hours here than at all the other web sites I have visited put together. Not only do I get to read strange and wonderful things here, but I get to blather endlessly about nothing in particular, and actually be read! My amazement at this never ends. My only regret is that I didn't discover this site sooner, for, here, without even the minimal skills needed for creating a home page, it is possible for me to spew forth whatever I please and inflict it on the world for a mere twentyfive dollars a year. And, of course, I could still be doing it for free! So, on the occasion of LJ's third birthday, my thanks to brad and all the others who keep the site going, and to all the people whose journals I read and all the people who read my maunderings. Happy birthday to us!

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