rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Stop Me Before I Pun Again

Every time I go grocery shopping on Saturday instead of Sunday, I end up falling asleep not long after I get home. Dinner is delayed and the whole evening is shot. Maybe I'll have some caffeinated coffee ready for my return if I have to shop next Saturday. The odds that I'll remember to make some are slim, though.

There was a nice looking casaba in the store, but it was 99 cents a pound. It probably weighed at least six pounds, and there's no way I'm spending that much on a melon. The price of melons is usually lower by the middle of July. The high prices this year could be the result of the unusually cold and wet spring. Maybe there are lots of casabas belated ripening in the fields and the prices will come down later. If not, I might have a casaba-less summer. That would greatly displease me. In fact it would leave me meloncholy.

Hey, I get no casaba, the world must suffer my puns!

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