rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I didn't think I'd get around to this tonight. It was a head-yanking day, and subsequently a stop had to be made for the purchase of ablutionary items (scour those follicles! nuke that plaque!) Once the dwelling place had been returned to, various garden-related tasks presented themselves, and numerous dead roses found their way to the ground and thence into a brown wheelie bin, and then water was moved from the pipes, through a hose, and onto the earth surrounding various plants, including the gardenia bush, which has finally consented to bloom.

All this was not only time-consuming, but tiring. And the watering was left too late, for by the time it began that hour had arrived when dusk brings not only milder airs, but an abundance of mosquitoes. Many of these bit me, and I now find myself once again beset with itches, and much scratching must consequently be done. I did not run the day. The day ran me.

Now for my very belated dinner. This pleasant melody (lyric by Johnny Mercer) composed by Chaim Arluck will be part of the dinner music. What, you don't know who Chaim Arluck is? Yes you do! He also wrote this haunting tune, with a timeless lyric by his frequent collaborator, Yipsel Harburg.

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