rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still July

I wish I could get one of the cats to catch the gopher (or mole) who has been digging up my front yard. I found more than a dozen fresh rodent holes this evening. But Farah just slaughters woodpeckers, and Portia only brings home small birds. Kitties! A tasty gopher, just going to waste! Don't you see the holes?

Maybe I need a gopher-eating snake.

I got my Sunday shopping out of the way a day early. Now there will be no need to go rushing about town tomorrow, which is going to be even hotter than today was. I'll be able to hang around drinking the beer I stocked up on. That's about all I feel like doing this time of year, until night falls and I can go out in the cool, jasmine-scented evening air and water the plants. Unfortunately, when I do that I also end up feeding the mosquitoes my blood.

I also need some bats.

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