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Interlude Ending [Jun. 29th, 2011|11:54 pm]
Farah insists on killing my woodpeckers. There was another dead one on the back porch today. It looks like the kittens might have tossed this one around a bit, but they haven't eaten any of it. The earlier dead woodpecker vanished during the night, but there were no feathers on the porch so the cats obviously never got around to eating it. I think maybe a raccoon took it. I'd heard a raccoon climbing the fence late that night. Raccoons will eat just about anything. Maybe a raccoon will take this one too, and I won't have to deal with it.

More nettles have been popping up in the far part of the back yard, and I plucked about three dozen plants today. I'm still finding little stickers in my fingers where I accidentally brushed against the stinging parts of the plants. Must get some gardening gloves.

There's been no more rain, but the air was cool, and it remained pleasantly overcast until late afternoon, when the gray began forming into conventional clouds and allowing patches of sunlight through. Tomorrow the summer heat will return. As far as I've heard, the storm didn't bring a lot of lightning strikes, and no fires were set, so the air should be clear and scented only with non-combustive summer smells. I've had the windows closed for two days, so it will be nice to have them open to let the jasmine in again.