rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Air to Match My Brain

Looks like the deer did munch most of the roses that remained on the hedge across the street. It happened sometime last night. They didn't take any from the rose bush in my front yard, though. My roses must not be tasty enough for them. They don't look bad, though.

We've started getting that summer haze that plagues the inland parts of California. It's partly smog, but the region got hazy in summer long before people started dumping their pollution into the air, so it's partly natural. There are undoubtedly a lot of volatile organic compounds from the pine trees in it. Their smell is unmistakable.

The other dominant scent in the air is jasmine. At last! It took a few days, but the flowers finally started releasing their perfume. I think I might buy some jasmine rice, so dinner can be coordinated with the atmosphere.

Right now all I want is tonight's dinner, which I again forgot to start cooking on time. It's almost ready. Thankfully, the beer is always ready.

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