rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Truth About Cats and Birds

It appears that Farah knows how to hunt after all. This afternoon I looked out my kitchen window and saw Tiny Tim alone on the back porch. The food bowls were empty, so I went out to refill them. Tim hid behind the trash can, but peeked out to watch me. When he saw that I was filling the bowls he came back out.

Farah and the other kittens didn't appear. It was then that I noticed the dead bird. It was a young acorn woodpecker, and it was lying next to the lawn mower where the kittens usually hide (they crawl under the mower and then into the canvas clipping-catching basket attached to the back of it.) The dead bird was entirely intact. Not even a loose feather on the ground.

When Farah and Alger and Lost Kitty were kittens, their mom once brought them a dead pigeon, and they dismantled it, devouring about half of it. This litter of kittens apparently prefers dry food to dead bird. Maybe woodpecker isn't as tasty as pigeon. In any case, Tim ignored the bird and ate a bit of the dry food I'd put out.

The other kittens still haven't made an appearance. They are either napping in the lawn mower basket, or they have followed Farah off, or they have found another secret place to nap— maybe in the deep-shaded tunnel the jasmine forms along the fence. It must be awfully hot inside that basket in this weather. I'd certainly prefer to nap under the jasmine, if I could fit.

The cat rescue people still haven't gotten back to me about picking up the kittens. After the call on Saturday, I was sure I would hear from them Monday, but no. The feral cat rescue business must be very busy. I hope they can get this done before Farah slaughters anymore woodpeckers. My favorite bird. I'm actually surprised she was able to catch one. I've never seen them on, or even near, the ground, and they nest in tree cavities. Sunni never caught one in more than a decade of hunting, and she was a good hunter. Farah must be awfully quick and agile to have brought down a woodpecker.

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