rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Random Stuff Typical of Wednesdays

Most of the flowers on the line of rose bushes across the street have been consumed, except for the last few bushes. One of those is still so heavily laden with blossoms that some of its branches have drooped onto the ground. It looks as though a mob of deer were working their way along the hedge, and reached satiation just before the end. If I keep an eye out tonight, I might see them return to polish off the remaining roses.

While looking at my peach tree this afternoon, it turns out not be be entirely bereft of fruit. I spotted a single small peach on a high branch. After examining the whole tree carefully I saw another peach, even smaller, on another branch. I'm quite sure those two are the only fruit the tree has this year, and a second blossoming is surely impossible. I'm also sure that the birds will get those two peaches before I can pick them.

But one of the local supermarkets has peaches on sale this week for 77 cents a pound, which is not too bad. If they're any good I'll buy a few. I might even eat them in front of the birds, just to flaunt my superiority. Hah, birds! You have to wait weeks for two measly peaches to ripen, then fight over them, while I have access to peaches now! Take that, avians!

I must call the cat rescue people this evening. The kittens are almost to the age at which it will be impossible to get them accustomed to humans, so they can be adopted and have safe homes. They grow more avoidant every day, and don't come near me even when they see Farah rubbing her head against my foot. Even Tiny Tim no longer comes up to sniff me, though at least his leg appears to be improving. He can't romp and pounce as well as the other two, but he does actually use his lame leg now, however gingerly.

Birds are sitting in the fruitless mulberry tree outside my window, and chirping loudly. I think Portia must be sitting under the tree. ::looks:: Yup, there she is. Lucky for her none of the gathered birds are blue jays. They'd swoop down and attack her. I'd better go try to get her back indoors anyway, before those poor birds start having heart attacks.

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