rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Summery

There's probably no point in irrigating the peach tree this year. I had intended to irrigate it more this year than I did last year, to see if it would grow a bigger crop, but it blossomed during the brief warm spell a couple of months ago, and it looks like the cold weather that followed killed all the baby fruit. There's no sign of young peaches on it. Quite a few of the leaves have already turned yellow, too, as though autumn were about to arrive. I hope the tree doesn't know something I don't. Anyway, if I want peaches this year I'll have to buy them at the store.

The kittens seem to be enjoying the warm weather. They are continuing their exploration of the back yard, and having a great time stalking one another through the tall grass. I'd expected them to be getting friendlier to me by now, but the opposite seems to be happening. They've quit trying to climb my leg and untie my show laces, and won't come near me unless I'm putting food in the bowls. The rest of the time they ignore me, unless I looks straight at them, which they apparently take as a threat, because they dart off whenever I do.

Oh, I forgot that it's Monday. The trash bins have to be put out, and it's almost dark.

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