rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


When I started using LJ I had to learn a bunch of HTML commands for linking, italics, block quotes, and such. Then I started using other web sites where I had to learn a bunch of BBCode for the same purposes. Now one of the web sites I use most has converted to something called Markdown. It's pretty simple to use, but it's still yet another bunch of stuff I have to remember. Internets are so demanding.

But I got to have my windows open today. In fact they're still open now, admitting a soft, mild breeze. Plus the crickets began chirping in late afternoon. They're making up for all that chirping time they lost to the cold weather that lingered into June, I guess. It's nice to hear them again. And I got to see a small snake and a big lizard.

The lizard was on the back porch, and I hoped the kittens would come out and see it (it was longer than them!) but they just kept napping. It would have been fun to see them interact with their first lizard. Probably not for the lizard, though.


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