rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Will Get Worked Up For Food

It was probably unwise to buy so many cans of beans, especially when I already had so many cans in the pantry, but they were on sale really cheap and I never could resist a bargain. I could now eat beans every day for about two months and not run out, but as I seldom eat beans more than twice a week they will probably last me over half a year. They'll go faster if I run out of money with which to buy other food, of course, but I'm hoping that won't happen. The idea of beans every day doesn't appeal to me, as fond as I am of legumes.

Now I will have plenty of chili beans, bean burritos, pasta fazool (aka pasta e fagioli,) falafel, beans on toast, red beans and rice, and any number of other bean-inclusive entrees. Best of all, it means fewer meals to shop for in the future, and that means less time in the supermarket. I wish there were more foods that kept as well as canned beans. Then it might be possible to cut my shopping trips down to once a month instead of once a week. Alas that fresh fruits and vegetables go limp so quickly, even when refrigerated, and dairy products so soon become hosts for hosts of malevolent organisms.

But the shopping is over for this week, and I have six uninterrupted days of non-shopping pleasure to look forward to. I will have to go out once to get my head yanked about by the chiropractor, but head yanking is nothing compared to the trials one must endure in Safeway's aisles. My left ear was almost deafened permanently by the piercing scream of a child denied its desired sugary cereal, and the back of my right calf is still sore where an inattentive old lady rammed it with her shopping cart.

And after all that, the only fresh fruit (other than bananas) cheap enough to justify its purchase this week was a cantaloupe, which is not my favorite. I'm hoping for casabas to ripen soon, but this year's weather having been so odd I don't know that my favorite melon will ever get cheap enough that I wouldn't feel extravagant for buying one.

I had no intention of writing an entire entry about groceries, but there it is. When did I get so dull?

Sunday Verse

The Magic of Cinema

by Denver Butson

the projectionist put the second reel on backwards
and then fell asleep
and now birds
are flying upside down
and backwards
across what must have once been
the white sky
it all makes sense though somehow
at midnight
in this abandoned movie house
with the projectionist
sure that his life is falling apart
and nobody
except the homely ticket girl
out there in the dark
in the last row.


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