rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Cat Stuff

One of Farah's three surviving kittens has injured his left hind leg. He's been keeping it drawn up next to his body most of the time, though he stretches it out behind him once in a while. It puts him at a disadvantage in the kitten games, as he falls over easily when the others pounce on him, and he can't get a running start to pounce on the others. I don't know how he'll scratch the left side of his head.

The injury hasn't kept him from being the most adventurous of the three, though. In fact, being adventurous is probably what got him injured. He's the only one of the three who has ventured into the house so far. He managed to get by me (on his three good legs) and through the door while I was trying to get Farah back outside after she had barged in. Then he insisted on exploring behind furniture where I couldn't reach him. I had closed the door to the rest of the house so Portia wouldn't get into the den while I was going in and out, but had it been open I'm sure he'd have gone to explore the kitchen as well.

I've had to email the cat rescue people, as they clearly aren't going to be returning my phone calls— at least not while I'm awake. It's time I got this crossed off my to-do list.

Rain will remain likely for three more days, and then the days might finally start getting warm. It's such an exciting prospect that spring could actually arrive before the summer solstice.

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