rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bloody Buggery Gadgetry

So the crap dsl modem AT&T sent me when I signed up with them failed Thursday evening. After an hour of dealing with tech support to see if it could be rebooted, I was told that I'd have to get a new modem. I couldn't get to the AT&T store, miles away in Chico, but the local hippie computer store had in stock a single AT&T modem-router combo, so I spent a hundred bucks (plus tax) I couldn't really afford and got the hulking thing, which takes up way too much room on my desk. I didn't want to be without Internets until I could arrange to get to Chico, and didn't want to wait several days on top of a three-day weekend to have one delivered.

The thing ended up taking three hours to install, and I didn't even set up the wireless router function. AT&T doesn't like to make things too easy for its customers. Customers who find things too easy might be too happy with the service, and AT&T is a sado-masochistic company that loves to be hated. So they whipped me for three hours and now I'm publicly excoriating them in a journal entry. It's a sick relationship.

Anyway. My dinner got delayed and it was too late for coffee and I'm cranky and vaguely nauseated. What will fall apart next? I have the feeling I won't have to wait long to find out. Technology!

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