rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Yesterday the guy came to do the annual servicing of the air conditioner, so it will be ready to go when (if) the hot weather arrives. It's a good thing he came yesterday, because today the rain was pouring down again for hours. I'd have had to reschedule. There was a break in the storm when the sun emerged and the road and rooftops steamed quite splendidly, but it only lasted for fifteen or twenty minutes. Now it's overcast again, and I hear distant thunder, so the rain will probably return at any time. If there must be lightning, it's better to have it after the fields and forests have gotten soaked.

Somehow I've let this whole month go by without finishing any of the things I wanted to get done. The feral kittens are still here, the kitchen faucet is still dripping, and my account is still in the bank that has too many service charges. Too much time on the Internets is probably what it is. Well, the thunderstorm will force me to shut it down early this evening, anyway. But I still won't to be able to do any of those undone things. The day is gone.

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