rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Not So Fresh Feeling

This weeks forgotten purchase was milk. I actually still have some milk in last week's carton, but it expires today, and I hadn't intended to use it until Thursday. It was a date reading fail. If there is to be macaroni and cheese for dinner Thursday, I will have to return to the store for fresh milk, or use milk that is past its prime. I know one is supposed to be what one eats, but I don't think one is supposed to eat what one is.

Another rain has come along in time to keep the lawn from drying out. If the periodic rains continue through May I won't have to water the yard until summer is almost here. A few dollars off the water bill will help, since it puts off the day when the money runs out. It's too bad I don't have a rainwater collection system. If this house had a swimming pool I could convert it to a cistern. This year has been so wet that there would probably be enough water in it to keep the yard green most of the summer. It's the only use I'd have for a pool. Unless I had a whole bunch of grapes and made wine in it.

Portia could have posed for this. That cat doesn't look like her at all, but the text certainly describes her behavior.

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