rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bright Afternoon

Big orange ball in the sky burns my brain! I couldn't think until it was gone. It's much easier now that there's just enough light reflected from the sky to polish the camellia leaves, and the few lingering clouds have turned a pale shade of the pink the battered roses wear. The rain battered the poppies, too, and only half the early crop remains, but abundant buds promise a restoration of the display within a few days. I hope to see hummingbirds soon. There were a few about some days ago, but the storms drove them into hiding. Now that the sun's back, they should appear too.

Oops. Went to get a snack, got distracted, and forgot the finish and post the entry. It's a good thing it wasn't something cooking on the stove, or I'd have burned it.

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