rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


While Farah was eating her lunch this afternoon, I heard kittens mewing loudly, so I went to check on them. Two of them had moved a few inches down the wall, and they were standing directly under a downspout which was dripping rainwater runoff on them. They seemed to have no idea why they were getting wet. I told them to move back out of the stream. Though I'm sure they didn't understand me, they did move back, probably because of the GIANT HEAD which had appeared in the bush above them and made loud noises. Farah didn't seem much concerned that her kittens were mewing, and just kept eating the whole time. She must have been very hungry.

I called the cat rescue organization yesterday afternoon, and got their answering machine, so I left my name and number, but they still haven't called back— unless it was the call about ten o'clock this morning, which I didn't answer. I've given up trying to answer calls that wake me up so early. Not only do I have to dislodge Portia if she's sleeping next to me (which she was today,) but I then have to untangle myself from the blankets, get up, and stumble out to the kitchen without falling over or stubbing a bare toe on some piece of furniture or door jamb.

This all takes a lot of time when I'm barely awake. On those few occasion when I've gotten to the phone before the caller has given up, it has turned out to be somebody trying to sell me something I couldn't afford to buy even if I wanted it, which I never have. I ought to have included in my message to the cat people instructions not to call before one o'clock in the afternoon. Maybe I should call them back.

Birds, most of them woodpeckers, are making a ruckus in my front yard. I don't know if its a fight of some sort, or if they're having a party. Whatever it is, they must be on edge about the rain interfering with their spring mating. It's a bad year to be a bird, what with all the good nesting spots (not to mention nest materials) getting drenched, so many seeds getting stuck in the mud, and hardly any tasty insects flying about. Well, they only have to put up with the rain for one more day and then it will get warm and dry again. I'll be as happy about that as they'll be, and I'll bet the kittens will, too.

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