rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cat News

Early this morning I finally saw Alger on the back porch. It's been about a week since the last time I saw him. Farah was there, too, and growled at him a couple of times. He kept looking toward the bushes where the kittens live, but when he heard one of them mew he ran the other way. I think he's afraid of them. He probably doesn't know what they are, so thinks they might be dangerous. He's gotten very jumpy, and starts at every little sound. Tommy Two-Tone has probably been giving him a bad time again. He left the yard as soon as he had eaten a bit. I'm sure he's not starving, as he still appears to be a bit overweight. Maybe he has learned how to hunt.

As for the kittens, their eyes are open, and when I go talk to them a couple of times a day they look right at me. They don't show any signs of being afraid of me. They seem curious. They'll probably be starting to walk within a few days. If I'm going to turn them and Farah over to the cat adoption agency before the kittens have developed the ability to run away and hide, it will have to be soon. I've been putting it off, even though I know I can't afford to keep an entire litter of kittens.

And it's dangerous here. The broken-down fence is useless for keeping wild animals out. The cats will all be better off if they can go to TOPCats— assuming the place can accomodate them. I'm sure the kittens have a good chance of being adopted, and even Farah might be sufficiently accustomed to people that she'd be a candidate for adoption instead of spaying and return. I'll miss them, though.

Another first tonight: I'm hearing crickets for the first time this spring. Spring seems barely to have begun, but it's only a few weeks until the summer solstice. I hope the hot weather is delayed for as long as the warm weather was.

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