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Night brings another rain, soft and spring-scented, cleaning the air, washing yellow streaks of pine pollen from the pavement. Afternoon's clouds were enormous white pillows against which sunset soon rested. Night lost its few stars, and the rain came. The air vibrates. The frogs are singing again. It's nice of April to finally show up, even though it's the second week of May.

Sunday Verse


by Reza Mohammadi

Spring came and put on your shoes
Spring came and took you on a journey
Spring came when you were sleeping
and made her bed by your side

While you slept
she infused you with her spirit
and dyed you with fresh blood

Spring gave you a new name
and bought your freedom

Clouds blessed your home
and called your name

Stars burn shisha in your room
Your mood, your breath, your heart
take flight like a bird

The wind sweeps through your bedroom
You dress yourself with the morning breeze

Now you and spring are one
Spring gave you a new name
So love came and put on your shoes


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