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Sore [Apr. 25th, 2011|06:58 pm]
This has been the moodiest of days, alternating between blindingly bright sunshine and an overcast so dark that I had to turn on the lights at four o'clock in the afternoon. The clouds are now returning after a period of brightness, and the sun will probably have set by the time they break again. There are lots of birds about. The acorn woodpeckers have been especially active. They are probably mating. They are noisy maters.

Whenever the sun shines I can see puffs of pollen coming from the blossoms of the fruitless mulberry tree. That's probably why I've been sore and achy all day. Well, pulling up foxtails yesterday might have contributed to the achiness (getting down on the damp ground and all,) but it seems like I get achy every year on the day the mulberry starts to ejaculate. I'm glad the woodpeckers don't do that into the air.

Sweet potato.