rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Late Again

Teeth all scraped (the hygienist calls it "scaled" but that always makes me think of reptiles, and I want nothing reptilian in my mouth.) I'm still biting on bits of the stuff they use for polishing. What is that, eraser? It smells a bit like those pink erasers they used to make.

Spring is remaining cool. Well, better that there be lingering cool than an early heat wave, but would it kill the sun to put out three more degrees? I complain, but the frogs are certainly enjoying it. The ground has gotten soggy enough that several of them have taken up residence nearby. Usually they keep to the lower ground along the streams, but tonight I heard a few that sounded as though they were within a few vigorous hops of my yard. Maybe if I left a hose running in a flower bed all night one of them would decide to move in. It's been ages since I've actually seen a frog, even though I hear them.

Having had to go out anyway, I went to the store and picked up the spinach I forgot to buy Sunday. Why do I forget something every week? How long before I start forgetting to put pants on when I wake up? Maybe I'll start sleeping in pants, just to be safe.

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