rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Maybe It Will Post, Maybe It won't

My sprouted onion has been planted in the rose bed outside the kitchen window. I don't expect to get any actual onions from it, as onions usually won't grow from sprouts as potatoes do. Typically, they just flower and then die. You can sometimes harvest the stalks, though. I already took about 5 inches off of it, which can use like green onion. It shouldn't flower as long as I keep lopping the top off, but I'm not sure how many times I can do that before it will just die of the repeated trauma.

There's head-yanking scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, but there could be transportation problems, old cars being unreliable and all. I hope I can get the yanking, as I've had a couple of slight headaches recently, and they're apt to get worse the longer the adjustment is put off.

I'm considering mushrooms and sour cream as a way of using up the excess of fungi I bought at Safeway the other day (accursedly tempting two-for-one sales.) I can't decide on the Russian recipe (which might remind me of the rat bastards who keep launching those annoying DDoS attacks on LJ) or the Southern recipe (which might remind me of those rat bastards who currently run Bank of America and steal money from my account with their excessive fees.) Does anybody have a nice Mexican recipe using mushrooms and sour cream? Mexicans haven't done anything to offend me (other than to keep their mushroom and sour cream recipes hidden from the Internets.)

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