rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Quicker Than a Dictionary

Handy link: Did you ever wonder how to pronounce Bagehot? I did. Now I do. Well, sort of. There's no recording available from this page yet, though there's a handy mechanism for recording and uploading one (assuming you already know how to pronounce the name, and you've got a microphone on your computer. I've never gotten around to installing mine.) The main idea behind the site is that people submit (and can record) their pronunciation of their own names. There's also a means of correcting what you consider mistakes (undoubtedly many names have variant pronunciations,) and you can rate the page helpful or not helpful. It's like Hot or Not, but serving a useful function. The Internets being global, eventually, Polish Americans will be able to find out how their names are actually pronounced in Poland.

It was almost warm today. Tomorrow it should be possible to open the windows for a while. Today there was dusting and vacuuming and a great washing of blankets. Some of them will be able to go into the closet for the next few months. There was cleaning of the bathroom as well, when I got a glimpse of a black widow scurrying behind the toilet. I wonder how long she's been stalking my arse?

Macaroni and cheese! My life is positively Sybaritic!

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