rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Evening News

On good thing about the overcast is that I don't have to close the drapes in the afternoon. When the clouds are gone I'll have to start closing them again, as I can't see the computer monitor with the sun in my eyes. It's nice to be able to look up from the monitor and see the pines, and the moss on the mulberry tree, and the activity on the street (when there is any— it's a pretty quiet street.) The rain has also brought the bonus of a soft, gray pavement with scattered, bright puddles. I hope we get a scattering of rainy days through April and May, but I've had enough of the day-after-day storms.

The cloudy sky can look nice, too, with all its varied shades of gray tumbling by. I don't get to look at the camellia any more, though. The most recent wind must have knocked it off the bush. There are no more buds that high on the bush, either, so for the rest of the season I won't be able to see any camellias while sitting at the computer. Too bad I can't sit on the window sill, like Portia. Cats have all the luck.

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