rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Happy Daylight Staving Time

It rained in time for my trip to the store. Then it rained and rained and rained. The supermarket smelled of damp clothes, my own and others'. I thought about the gray afternoon outside Safeway as I trod the aisles. Years ago they sealed the building's windows, facing west, to make more room for merchandise, and to improve insulation, and now the outdoors can be glimpsed only through the low glass doors.

The other store was more enjoyable, as it has retained its windows. So troublesome in summer, when the afternoon sun beats in and makes us squint as we wait at the check stands, today, with rain pouring, the windows were a delight, the vast swath of storming sky they revealed a splendid distraction which made me pause and gaze each time I approached them. The sight made the onerous task of shopping almost, sort of, semi-pleasant.

Plus I got fifteen cans of chili beans (these) at about one third of their usual price. Altogether it was about as close to a good experience as grocery shopping can get. But I'm still glad I won't have to do it again for seven days.

Of course the rain stopped as soon as I got my soaked arse home. I'll survive.

Sunday Verse

The Bean Eaters

by Gwendolyn Brooks

They eat beans mostly, this old yellow pair.
Dinner is a casual affair.
Plain chipware on a plain and creaking wood, 
Tin flatware.

Two who are Mostly Good.
Two who have lived their day,
But keep on putting on their clothes
And putting things away.

And remembering . . .
Remembering, with twinklings and twinges,
As they lean over the beans in their rented back room that
          is full of beads and receipts and dolls and cloths,
          tobacco crumbs, vases and fringes.

I'm also glad that I'll finally get to have the chiropractor yank on my head Tuesday. My neck is getting seriously stressed due to the long delay.

Oh, and Daylight Staving Time, for those who don't have it, is the time of year when we stave off the apparent onset of morning by shifting the clocks forward one hour. I would have forgotten its arrival today had Comcast not automatically changed the clock on the cable box. That's the primary reason to subscribe to cable, in fact. That and the DIY channel. Not that I'd ever do anything myself, but it's fun to watch other people do things themselves. Renovation porn.

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