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When I returned from my appointment yesterday afternoon, I was surprised to see the old gray cat sitting on my back porch. I hadn't seen him for several months and thought he had died. He isn't looking too good these days, but he's definitely alive. I took some food out, and he ate a bit, then vanished. Later that night he returned and ate a bit more. He's no more wary of me than he used to be, but no more trusting either.

He returned for a few minutes this afternoon and got more food, but again ate very little. I don't know if he's eating so little because he doesn't feel well, or if he is eating somewhere else, or perhaps is still able to hunt and catch wild food. Anyway, it's nice to have him back, for however long he stays. If my memory serves, I first saw him more than a decade ago when he was not yet fully grown. For a cat who has lived rough he's had a long life. I'm sure he's older than Tommy Two-Tone.

The day shivered with anticipation of spring. Though the oaks still cling to a few of last year's leaves, their bony twigs show traces of new buds. The sky alternately clouded to cast a winter gray shadow on the land and opened to turn the rumpled edges of passing clouds brilliant white. Birds found food in the grass and spilled music from the treetops. When evening came the frogs sang again. More like this, please.

I was surprised to see that several rows of the old apple trees in the orchard at the end of my block have been ripped out. A few years ago a large section of the orchard was replanted with new trees, and those are now large enough to bear fruit, so I guess it's time for another section to be replaced. So far it looks as though about half the old trees will be torn out, and some of those are against the fence I can see from my front yard, so I'll get to watch the new trees grow. The previous section replaced was deep within the orchard and I could get only distant glimpses of it.

Portia is being uncommonly frolicsome tonight. She obviously wants me to leave the computer and pay attention to her. As I don't want to risk having her leap onto the keyboard and lock it up I'd best heed her demands.

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